Fireball Bot

A multipurpose discord bot with features from many of the biggest bots on discord.
With everything free!



-Fireball Bot is a multipurpose discord bot made by Blazen.
-It has many features that are very useful for helping your discord server.
-You can invite the bot at
-Some helpers to make the discord bot were Stagentwolf, Elite_Elmo, and Hammerhead


Easy to Use

There are no complicated command in this bot. If you dont understand any command by mistake type "[prefix]help [cmd name]", and the bot will send a description and the usage of the command.

24/7 Online

Fireball Bot hosting is amazing, it hosted on a VPS so it will be on 24/7 minus updates, There is nothing to worry about hosting in Fireball Bot. It has the ultimate hosting.

Fully Customizable

You can customize Fireball Bot for your server. Fireball Bot provides a dashboard to Customize bot for your server. Find it by logging into discord at the top right of your screen.